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News — February 2024

Menopause: A Supportive Approach for Surgeons

Historically, menopause has been largely ignored in the workplace. But thanks to high-profile women like Davina McCall,... Read more

Ballards LLP Insight: Should Doctors Consider Setting Up a Limited Company?

Doctors, in addition to their commitment to patient care, often find themselves navigating the complexities of their... Read more

Royal College of Surgeons UK Surgical Workforce Census Report: Addressing Challenges in the UK Surgical Workforce

The surgical landscape in the UK has never been more challenging. A recent Royal College of Surgeons of England report... Read more

CBS Response to the RCSEng UK Surgical Workforce Census 2023 Report

In response to the recently published RCSEng UK Surgical Workforce Census Report, Mark Henley - Consultant plastic... Read more