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Executive Team


Mark Henley (President as of 1 January 2021)      
Nigel Mercer (Vice President)      
Mansoor Khan (Executive Member)        
Peter Sedman (Executive Member)      
Parv Sains (Executive Member)      
Shireen McKenzie (Ex-officio Executive Member)      
Helen Crookes (General Manager) 07551 538035
Emily Borhan (Medico-Legal Helpline Advisor)

07498 322935
John MacFie (Past President & Advisor)      
Tingy Simoes (Press & PR Wavelength Group)    07973 147388
Peter Brennan (Co-opted Executive Member)      
Philippa Jackson (Co-opted Executive Member)      
Simon Kendall (Co-opted Executive Member)      
Alistair Jackson (Co-opted Executive Member)      
Richard Sherry (Honorary Executive Member)      


Get In Touch

If you wish to contact the CBS please fill out the enquiry form below, or via email:  

For all Press Enquiries please contact Tingy Simoes: