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10 Reasons to join CBS


  1. CBS is a surgical community and voice  - CBS represents ALL surgeons, surgical trainees, anaesthetists and the wider surgical team. The CBS is emphatically and specifically not in competition with the Surgical Royal Colleges or Surgical Specialty Associations, as these have remits relating to clinical standards, education and membership activities and are not permitted to act, in any way, as a trade union.
  2. We are one of you - CBS is a professional association set up and run by practising and experienced surgeons to look after the unique professional and employment interests of the whole surgical team irrespective of NHS or private affiliation. We have witnessed the same day to day issues that you will also be experiencing in the unique environment of the operating theatre and workplace that you are in.
  3. CBS campaign for change - CBS is unique in that as a registered trade union it is the only organization that can legitimately lobby on behalf of surgeons on issues relating to terms and conditions of employment. CBS work closely with the FSSA and their specialty associations. We listen objectively, liaise with appropriate bodies and actively pursue media interest to raise awareness and campaign for positive change.
  4. Advice and help are only a phonecall or email away - Simply call us or fill in our contact form on the CBS website and we will respond quickly. Queries or concerns will be passed onto the Executive Board and we will work with you to ensure the best possible outcome.
  5. CBS membership is value for money - CBS is the only bespoke union for surgeons, anaesthetists and surgical teams, so you know that your membership fees are used directly to support you and your colleagues’ best interests.
  6. We offer Medical Indemnity Expertise - CBS experts can assess your personal circumstances and provide you with training so that you can evaluate the market and providers properly.
  7. Partner benefits - CBS is partnered with a number of specialists who can provide accountancy, tax, travel, transport, healthcare insurance and software benefits to CBS members.
  8. Surgical Expert - All surgeons are worried about possibly falling foul of legal problems. Through Surgical Expert, CBS provides expert advice to members on clinical and non-clinical issues and also education on the legal framework in which surgeons and anaesthetists operate, in both senses of the word. CBS is also lobbying for the introduction of an NHS no-fault compensation scheme and for changes to expert reporting for medico-legal cases to introduce 2 independent experts providing one agreed report at the outset of any case. Those experts will be sourced through the Federation of Surgical Specialty Associations (FSSA) and the individual can then be reassured that they really are experts in the surgical issues and fully understand their obligations to the court.
  9. CBS are looking to the future - CBS membership is a growing organisation of highly trained professionals, which in turn supports the next generation of surgical trainees. CBS has unrivalled access to the expertise, experience and body of knowledge of its members and through continued growth will be able to form specialist study groups or committees to support our surgical professional needs.
  10. CBS Needs YOU! - CBS is a growing community that actively encourages your comments, insights and opinions on social media platforms and by personal contact, which has the ability for us to shape our activity to the real issues that are affecting the surgical world – let us know what you need, what your concerns are!

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