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Indemnity Support & Training

Have you ever experienced confusion regarding your Indemnity and are not entirely sure what your cover is, how it works or what it should be?

CBS can offer assistance to help members understand Indemnity properly.

Our experts stay abreast of changes to legislation, NHS, and private hospital rules to ensure we can support you to understand your obligations. Most surgeons do not understand the complexities of the cover they have taken out historically.

CBS will provide you with a fresh pair of eyes on your situation and explain your position. 

Some examples of assistance we can give you: 


Occurrence vs Claims Made Indemnity



  • Do you understand what type of cover you have had and when you have had it?

  • Do you understand the differences and how this affects when and who you report claims to?

  • Do you understand what your retirement cover is and exactly how that works?

  • Do you understand what cover is regulated by the FCA and how this affects your rights as a consumer? 


Different Types of Broker and Different Models of Claims Made Cover


There are now many different commercial organisations offering cover to UK doctors and dentists.

  • Do you understand what the difference is between a broker and underwriter?

  • Do you know what their role is and how they make money?

  • Has the small print been properly explained to you?

  • Do you understand what the FOS or FSCS do?

CBS will help you to understand all of these points, your negotiating position, and your rights. 


CBS can assess your personal circumstances and provide you with information so that you can evaluate the market and providers properly.

If you wish to take advantage of this free service click here and complete the form.