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About CBS

About the Confederation of British Surgery (CBS)

CBS is a union for the whole surgical team. CBS provides support for members in difficulties, and advocates for the surgical profession.

Our Mission

At CBS, our mission is to foster collaboration and address the unique challenges present in the surgical realm. We are dedicated to advocating for surgical teams, safeguarding their professional and employment interests. In the dynamic and demanding landscape of surgery, CBS stands as a representative voice for the surgical community.

Understanding the Landscape

It's important to recognise the context in which surgery operates. While there are over 200,000 licensed doctors in the UK, there are only 10,000 Consultant Surgeons and 6,800 Consultant Anaesthetists (Source: GMC Digital October 2020). Surgical professionals constitute a relatively small portion of the medical workforce. CBS was established to protect the interests of this vital segment of healthcare professionals.  As working surgical professionals, we understand the unique and challenging surgical environment.

Our Beliefs and Vision

CBS firmly believes that by providing surgical teams with a safe, well-resourced, and well-managed environment, we can improve outcomes for patients. CBS is committed to creating this conducive environment for the benefit of both patients and surgical professionals alike.

Here to Support You

The Surgical Advisory Service (SAS) was established by CBS to assist and advise its members who, for whatever reason, find themselves in difficulty.  SAS together with CBS can legitimately advise on medico-legal matters and all issues relating to terms and conditions of employment, by virtue of their registered trade union status. This high-level, high-quality advice is provided by experienced consultants, supported by experts from various fields.  You do not need to be a member to access this service in the first instance, however for continuing ongoing support and advice, we would recommend you join CBS.

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