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Membership Information

Membership Information

Become a member of The Confederation of British Surgery and choose the membership option that best suits your personal requirements


Membership Only Subscriptions

*Limited Offer* Lifetime Platinum Membership

available to new  & existing members between until 31 Dec 2023 (offer will cease once 70 memberships have been confirmed).

£700 (only 70 available until 31 Dec 2024):

New Members: Join Here

Existing Members: Upgrade Here

(annual memberships will be refunded on a pro-rata basis once an upgrade payment is made)

CBS Fellow Membership for Consultants in Practice

£13.25 per month or £159 per annum  via direct debit:            Join Here


CBS Associate/Trainee Membership for Specialist Trainee/Non-Consultant Grades/Retired:


£6.50 per month or £78 per annum  via direct debit:                   

Join Here

CT1-CT2 Grade

£3.25 per month via direct debit (24 months) Join Here

FY1 & FY2 Grade


£1.65 per month via direct debit (24 months): Join Here

Undergraduate Medical Students (members of university or surgical specialty society)

Free of charge for duration of undergraduate degree: Join Here

(no payments will be taken until the free membership period has expired)

Combined Indemnity & CBS membership Subscription packages:

Consultant Membership & Indemnity Package - includes CBS Fellow Membership, Comprehensive professional medical indemnity cover for all NHS & Training activities plus £10000-£20000 income from work as a Medicolegal Expert (upper limit negotiable).   

Consultant Package with Private Practice - includes the same benefits as above but policy covers private practice too. 


Associate/Trainee Membership & Indemnity Package - includes CBS Associate membership, Comprehensive NHS Professional Behaviours cover plus Unlimited Assisting in the Private Sector and up to £20000 assistant fee income. 


from £591 per annum/£53 per month: 

More Information & How to Join


More Information & How to Join


from £500 per annum/£45 per month 

More information & How to Join

OTSIS & PRASIS Specialty Scheme Offer

Free CBS membership for 2 years for OTSIS & PRASIS Consultants in Practice and 1 year for Trainees 



Join here (no payments will be taken until the free membership period has expired)