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CBS Statement Regarding Strikes and Industrial Action

"We are united with our colleagues in our desire to save the NHS.

We will support any and all actions that help the Health Service to survive and thrive - so we have no option but to support our nurses and junior doctors in their endeavours to provide a safe service and keep the NHS alive.

As a vocational profession, the concept of strikes and industrial action may appear alien to many in the senior consultant body - but we must recognise the challenges that are having such a life-changing impact on us all, as the Health Service crumbles before our eyes.

Healthcare professionals greatly value the appreciation they undoubtedly receive from the vast majority of the public.  Sadly, other than platitudes and spin, any recognition from the Government to date has been in jarring contrast. We would like to see changes not just in pay and pensions but overall work conditions, for example reinstating out-of-hours eating options and dignified emergency on-call sleeping accommodation.

We want to see our profession valued and respected, not just by the public, but through official recognition and realistic practical and material support.

At this time it is reasonable to conclude that industrial action may be the only avenue left open to a demoralised, exploited workforce. History suggests that this appears to be the only ‘muscle’ the Government understands.”

Mr Mark Henley FRCS (Plast)

CBS President

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