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CBS Statement on 1% Pay Rise


According to consultant general and colorectal surgeon Parvinderpal Sains, Board member of the Confederation of British Surgery;

“The surgical team involves many more participants than just the surgeon to ensure patient safety and positive outcomes; such as nurses, technicians in the ITU, wards and perioperative care.

“Before the pandemic, there was already a shortage of nurses and a derisory pay rise further compounds a rising crisis which will accelerate the exodus from the NHS of an exhausted, demoralised and disgruntled workforce. This will undoubtedly impact the delivery of safe care, and affect our ability to clear the ever-increasing wait list backlog which urgently needs to be tackled.”

Consultant gastronintestinal and general surgeon Peter Sedman, who is also on the CBS Executive Board says;

“We are aware that society, as a whole, has encountered many challenges this past year and had to endure huge sacrifices – but to those who bore the brunt during the pandemic, this Government’s gesture will be seen as distasteful at best, especially in the context of the huge wastes incurred in the early mismanagement of the crisis. It will do very little to motivate the huge effort now required to resuscitate the NHS by its front line staff.”


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