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CBS Statement: Professionally exposed whilst trying to achieve the greater good?

CBS recognises that the Covid-19 pandemic has thrown up clinical challenges unique in our professional lifetimes.  The responses to these challenges have, on occasion, involved clinicians being involved in difficult prioritisation decisions and authorising compromises in pathways based on local needs and demands.  These needs and demands have differed from hospital to hospital and have varied and fluctuated as the waves have passed.

This has often left many of us feeling professionally exposed, trying our best in good faith to achieve the greater good but with limited and inconsistent information. 

The consequences of these decisions may be both positive and negative; but are already being felt and it is likely to be several years before hindsight allows the final analyses to be made.

CBS supports all its members involved in these initiatives and recognise the professionalism and dynamism which has been demonstrated.   It is concerned however, that as we move forward there may be medico-legal consequences to these decisions (as for example are currently being seen in Spain) and we are keen to support our members through any difficulties which they may be experiencing.   

Obvious areas of concern are numerous, but include the potential for missed or delayed diagnoses, delayed treatment and circumstances where we have been asked to practice in good faith outside our normal Scopes of Practice. 

At the same time we also recognise a discernible and accelerating change in the public mood in respect of medico-legal litigation against the NHS and we would urge any member who has experience of such litigation to inform us of that experience and, if required,  to seek our help and advice as appropriate.

As always you can share your views on our social media platforms @UKsurgeons or contact one of the team in confidence if you are experiencing issues that you would like assistance with.




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