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Do surgeons need yet another representative organisation?

Surgeons have historically had representation in medical trade unions - such as the BMA and HCSA - however with their broad memberships, these have lacked the ability to entirely focus on the specific problems and stresses that confront surgeons alone. The Confederation of British Surgeons was recently created by surgeons for surgeons to serve that purpose: no other representative body in the UK has the statutory right to negotiate on terms and conditions of service. 

No matter how well-intentioned the Colleges and Associations may be, they cannot by law become involved in terms and conditions of service, since their activities are governed by Charity law, which preclude acting specifically on behalf of their members - they must act in the public interest, which is a good thing, however this means surgeons’ voices are often not heard. Recent issues in the media may also paint an inaccurate picture of the issues affecting surgeons today, so there has never been a better time to join forces and gain a wealth of support with U.K. surgeons from every discipline. 

The current political clime; changes to the healthcare system; new and challenging technology; and hyper focus on what’s yet to come all play significant roles in the evolving landscape for U.K. surgeons, and we want to ensure surgeons’ voices are heard. We believe in the power of teamwork, and we feel that in this rapidly changing world, we can only benefit from creating stronger bonds with surgeons across the nation in order to advocate for and support each other. 

Membership increases our ability to lobby effectively on behalf of all surgeons. If you as a surgeon concur that surgeons need a representative body that can act on your behalf, then please join us today. 



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