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Cavendish Medical Pension Guidance

Cavendish Medical

Pension Guidance

Offer for CBS Members

Cavendish Medical would like to offer a guidance service specifically to CBS Members. Our personalised NHS Pension Guidance report explains the details of all the pension schemes relevant to the individual we meet, as well as explaining the current taxation applicable and outlining their position against them and their options for paying any tax owed. This report and a face-to-face meeting at our London offices usually provide some much-needed clarity for medics.

We have a clear list of items we need for the meeting which we are happy to provide on request. We need all of this information from each individual we meet to provide the personalised report. Please note that this report contains no financial advice – we cannot advise someone to leave the scheme, for example. However, we aim to provide enough information about the schemes and an individual’s tax positions so that they feel informed enough to come to these decisions themselves. It also does not include any bespoke calculations – we offer another report which does, at a higher cost.

If you want to discuss your pension situation further, the first step in this process is always a phone call to ascertain your needs. 

Please contact us on 020 7636 7006 or via our website