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Practice Management


Simple to Use

PPM software has evolved over 20 years, driven by the needs of our practice customers. It’s this in-depth experience that makes our systems so easy to adopt and use. 

Completely Secure

Patient confidentiality and account security are fully protected by PPM solutions, via robust privileged access protocols and proven encryption methods. 

Dedicated Support

Our team comprises highly knowledgeable, helpful people, the kind who can’t help but go the extra mile when it comes to solving problems and answering queries. 


Take care of your patients while Private Practice Manager takes care of admin 

For over 20 years PPM Software has been tried and trusted partner for medical practices large and small. We understand what private practices need, so our fully integrated system helps improve patient care, saves time, supports cash flow and reduces debts. 

As a doctor or surgeon in private practice, there is no escaping the fact that you are running a business rather than simply working for the NHS and getting a monthly pay cheque. That means that you have a lot of things to do, in addition to attending to patients. 


What we offer 

Diary Scheduler: At the heart of a smoothly running practice, the diary scheduler performs a range of crucial functions and makes many tasks very much easier. 

Accounting: PPM’s accounting solution is the key to gaining control of your practice finances, allowing tighter credit control, records and analysis through many automated functions. 

Procedures & Diagnostics: All the procedures carried out and diagnoses made by your practice can be entered and subsequently called-up any time in seconds with PPM software, either on your network or remotely. 

Patient Notes: PPM software stores all the patient details you need for easy access in the clinic, or remotely via our secure cloud-based hosted solution. 

Communications: Our communications solution helps you contact patients in a variety of ways, with many time and effort-saving functions built-in. 

Remote Access: To add further flexibility, your PPM software can be accessed remotely via our hosted cloud solution for both PC and Mac. 

Reporting: PPM software is a powerful means for analysing all kinds of data and organising it in tabular and graphic form. 



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